Etwas the Elf

Etwas the Elf
Our heroine, photo by Maia Ycot

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Etwas and the brittle Democracy

Once upon a time, Etwas the Elf was running through the forests of grass, under the canopies of clover and around the stems of tall flowers when she bumped into a mob of fire ants busy defoliating a stand of sugarcane.

"Howdy, mesdames et messieurs fire ants!" the little Elf offered by way of a greeting.

"Hey hey! Ho ho! Flying bugs have got to go!" the fire ants chanted.  Etwas climbed onto a nearby rock to watch the ants work.

The "Occupy Sweetness" movement, the fire ants called themselves, and they clambored tirelessly over the first sugar cane until their combined weight made it bend and finally break.

"I like sugar," the elf admitted to herself.

"Hi! Hi! Sugar tree! How much sugar did you take from me?" the ants chanted.

A swarm of red covered the fallen sugar cane and then evaporated as the satisfied ants returned to their colony for tea.  Once the fire ants left and the little elf no longer worried about accidentally trammeling their rights or insect dignity. So she walked over to the fallen cane and saw that none of the ants had noticed the sugar inside.  She filled her pockets and skipped along home to share with Rascal.

And ever since then, Etwas always takes time to admire the machinery of democracy as it spins.

Etwas says, if you are an American citizen, like me, then today you should be voting. Heaven knows for what.

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  1. Well, Etwas, I would if I could. But we're not having any elections in these here parts today. We had them earlier in the year, and you'll be happy to know we have a new mayor, and there's still an state agricultural commissioner. Enjoy your sugar.