Etwas the Elf

Etwas the Elf
Our heroine, photo by Maia Ycot

Friday, November 4, 2011

The elf and the beetle

Once upon a time, Etwas the Elf was running through the forests of grass, under the canopies of clover and around the stems of tall flowers when she came upon a beetle with a sheaf of grass seed in its mandibles.  The elf greeted her carapacious comrade.

"Hi, Mrs. Beetle!'

"Thhhhhwetho, Ethhhhwithh."

"What are you doing?"

"Cawything grthathh in meh moofth!" the frustrated beetle explained.

"For a banquet or a building?  For agriculture?  I've heard that's how you grow rice."


"Are you making a nest?"

"Nei.  I'thm decathathing un altar."

"Well," suggested the Elf, "I would build the dais out of something you can write on, like an acorn.  Your preaching is a little hard to follow."

And ever since then, Elves mainly give advice to the muffled.


  1. "Cawything grthathh in meh moofth?"

  2. (I don't type as quickly as you but) in hindsight but I guess Poe's Law defeated my sensors.