Etwas the Elf

Etwas the Elf
Our heroine, photo by Maia Ycot

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Elf and The Grasshopper

Once upon a time, Etwas the Elf was running through the forests of tall grass, under the canopies of clover and around the stems of tall flowers when she went bumped right into the belly of a grasshopper.

"Ave Mariiiiiiiiiiii-oof!" sang the grasshopper.

"Hi, Mr. Grasshopper," said Etwas.

"Hello, Etwas," answered the grasshopper and then, tapping his several feet, front legs akimbo and lilting, "Well, hello, Etwas, it's so nice..."

"What are you doing?" The elf gently interrupted.

"Preparing for the winter."  Then the grasshopper twanged, "Well, I keep my nose to the flora, work hard every day, might get a little loud on the weekends, after I draw my pay, but..."

"By singing?"

The grasshopper danced and twirled, "I jump down, turn around and pick a bale of cotton!"

Etwas raised an eyebrow and explained, "Mr. Grasshopper, cotton is not food and neither is music.  I found a terrific blackberry bush.  I can show you!"

But the grasshopper hung his head, looking slightly sad and sang.  "I wish a buck was silver, it was back when the country was stro-ong..."

And ever since then, Etwas has figured that those who long for yesterday would just as soon not get up in the morning.

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  1. Does the verb 'dance' in this particular fairy tale also mean "stumbled sidewise in a circle despite apparent sobriety" as it does in the Oct. 30th Verbose Birch entry?