Etwas the Elf

Etwas the Elf
Our heroine, photo by Maia Ycot

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Etwas and the idle bunnies

Once upon a time, Etwas the Elf was running through the forests of green grass, under the canopies of clover and around the stems of tall flowers when she came upon a troop of black and white bunnies holding down some grass.

As Etwas watched, one of the bunnies up and hopped over the one beside her.  The others just sat and twitched.  Then a third on stepped forward and the others still sat and twitched.  Etwas watched for hours and the herd never moved except that from time to time one would hop over another or jump forward or turn around or face each other or face away from each other.  One might look to her right and another to his left and sometimes two would look down while two others looked up. Nothing was eaten and no-one was chased and nobody chased and all were chaste and the center of gravity for the whole bunch of bunnies hardly moved at all.

"Howdy!" Etwas cried at last, thinking the poor bunnies had nothing to do.  "Do you guys want to play a game?"

The bunnies just sat and twitched until one looked over at Etwas and a few looked away from her and some looked down at their noses.

"I know some really great games!" Etwas promised.  "There's pin-the-tuft-on-the-tail, and Loopy-ear, if you like to gamble.  3D Red Rover is fun if you feel like hopping."

One of the bunnies turned backwards without looking at Etwas.  The rest mainly just twitched.  One scratched, I suppose.

"Or maybe," Etwas baited, "we can play 'Chase the fox.'  That's a great game as long as everyone's of age."

Etwas continued to offer games like luckybones and carrotnose and carnival of crows until finally a white rabbit with black hair on towards the back of his head said "No thank you.  We're kind of busy."

And ever since then, no matter how idle she is, Etwas always sets aside a little time for distraction.


  1. Hi Doug ~~ Etwas, the Elf, keeps on real good doesn't it!

    I can't see why those rabbits wouldn't want to play pin-the-tuft-on. I know from experience that pin the tail on was a wonderful game.

    FYI, some collective names for a group of rabbits:

    Rabbits (General)
    Colony, Warren, Bury, Trace, Trip

    Rabbits (Domestic)

    Rabbits (Hares)
    Down, Husk

    Rabbits (Jackrabbit)

    Rabbits (Young)
    Litter, Nest

    Just ask Dr. Jim (his post with the most hits: "How to make rooster stop crowing in the middle of the night, Mr. Seed needs to know" ).

  2. I'm glad I peaked in to this blog today. Jim always leaves interesting comments.

    Plus, I'd never heard of 3D Red Rover before (so I googled it.)

  3. Hey Doug ~~ Rabbit, rabbit!

    And Happy Ground Hog Day (for tomorrow)!

  4. Doug, I hope you don't mind if use this blog to reply to Jim.

    Hey Jim ~~ Flippantly Florida doesn't celebrate Rabbit, Rabbit.

    It is very interesting know that you didn't know who John Wayne was until you went off to college.

    Thank you for telling me.

  5. Yay! Jim celebrates the Ides of February on Wednesday!

  6. Your daughter is adorable, Doug.

  7. Thanks, Jim and Karen. Moni, the fact that it took until Feb 13 to notice is a good argument for intermittenter stories.

    Thanks, Nessa.

    Ave, Karen. Stay out of the senate next month.

  8. Beware, Jim. I'm worried that your 50-year-old son will have a motorcycle cycle accident on the busy streets of Houston.